Use your voice, use your VOTE

The elections on the 5th of May for both assembly and local government will shape the political process in the north for the next 4 years and beyond. The impact government can have on life and role of young people has never been greater, helping them progress as school leavers to being in the work place and starting a family, government affects all of this, and this is why it’s more important than ever for young people to use their vote and have their voice heard.

It cannot be over emphasized just important every vote is, the election for the council in the Ballymoney council area is one of the tightest contests in many years; with 9 candidates for 5 seats and 2 seats really up for grabs it will come down to the wire come the final vote. No candidate can rest on their laurels having to scrap for every available vote.

This local government election may prove to be the last before the introduction of RPA (review of public administration) and this is why it’s so important that what needs to be done for Ballymoney can be done before RPA takes effect, and why it’s vital that Ballymoney has real effective representation through competent councilors willing to tackle the big issues head on and solve the major issues in the town, issues surrounding shopping in the town centre, leisure facilities, community and sports funding, all issues which been postponed and postponed by the current DUP led council. These issues can only be solved by having the SDLP at the heart of the council helping it pursue a progressive agenda and really improving life for the people of Ballymoney.

On the 5th of may use your voice and use your vote, vote SDLP


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