You can vote for change, Full Press release to Ballymoney Papers

With only days remaining till the election on may 5th young SDLP candidate Daniel Hendrie has been on the doorsteps of the town challenging people to vote for change in the Ballymoney council. Mr Hendrie who is running in the Ballymoney town area is the youngest candidate in the Borough area, at just 20 years old. Seeing his youth as an advantage Mr Hendrie has pursued a manifesto of new modern ideas, something which he believes the current council simply cannot deliver. Saying

“It’s clear for all to see that the current makeup of the Ballymoney council simply isn’t delivering for the people; the DUP led council made up of almost entirely of over 40’s simply has not provided the right answers to the right questions. In the last six years the council has done nothing to improve the prospects of the town centre which is fighting for survival, it has done nothing to tackle the issue of the Joey Dunlop leisure centre, while community and sports funding still appears to be a lottery. All of this at a time when rates are at a scandalous high”

On the issues of rates Mr Hendrie continued by saying that a lot of the council’s failings were down to serious mismanagement on the council’s part claiming

“The council needs to catch a grip on its finances, to stop squandering money on pointless projects, it needs to rethink operations which aren’t cost effective and to cancel operations which aren’t vital but yet are haemorrhaging money. The people of Ballymoney would be hard pressed to identify were large amounts of their rates are being spent and I can’t blame them, all of this at a time when councils and governments alike are supposed to looking for efficiency savings”

Mr Hendrie went on to say that if Ballymoney was to prosper and grow then it needs new people on the council who are willing to make change and tackle the issues rather than sidestepping them saying

“There are members on the council at the moment who do next to nothing for the people of Ballymoney, who fail to attend meetings on a regular basis, who fail to have any meaningful input into decisions and who simply are not representing their own constituents, yet who still manage to take a pay packet at the end of it, this ‘part time – job for life’ culture cannot continue, it is completely detrimental to the decision making process. A process which will become even more important after the election given the new planning powers the council will have full control over”

Mr Hendrie believes that this election could prove to be a real turning point in the fortunes of Ballymoney town and the borough as a whole but only if the right people are elected for the job

“The electorate of Ballymoney have one of the best opportunities in a generation to change the shape of the council, but this can only be done if people come out on Thursday and use their vote. If you’re fed up with the same council doing the same thing year in year out then come out and vote for change, if you sick and tired of the same people making the same bad decisions then come out and vote for change. The people need to see the damage that is being down to the town, but it doesn’t have to be this way, there is another option and by voting for the SDLP on the 5th of May you could exercise this option


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