Press release on Bank of Ireland closures

Hendrie: Bank Closures bad news for whole community


SDLP Local Representative Daniel Hendrie has said that he is very disappointed by the recent announcement that two Bank Of Ireland Branches are to close in Ballymoney and Kilrea. 

He Said

“it’s very disappointing that Bank of Ireland has decided to close branches in Ballymoney and Kilrea by June as part of its decision to close nine branches across Northern Ireland. This decision will have massive implications for staff and their families as well as having consequences for customers and businesses who rely on a dependable local service from their bank”

“This will leave customers in a situation where there is now no branch between Coleraine and Ballymena inconveniencing some while effectively forcing others to change to a different bank. This at time whenever people’s confidence in banks is at an all-time low these closures will only serve to increase the strain on people in these tough times and to further reduce people’s confidence in the banks”

“These closures well particularly hit rural areas in North Antrim hard, with small local business already facing difficult trading conditions, the closures will put an extra burden to travel further to their local branch as well as increased pressure on the staff who are being redeployed. “

“I hope that Bank of Ireland will reconsider these closures, as it not only affects staff and customers but entire communities who are dependent on access to local banking facilities especially whenever hard working families and business already have their backs to the wall”

“The SDLP has written to the Irish Bank officials’ Association (IBOA) seeking a meeting and seeking clarification on issues that are causing concern for customers and staff. My party colleagues and I will continue to challenge banks of decisions such as this ensuring that there is proper access to local banking for customers”


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